Information for Debtors’ Attorneys

Debtors’ attorneys in the EDKY: This post addresses three issues: (1) the Debtor Handbook; (2) a new letter going to debtors at confirmation; and (3) more specific information about your clients’ obligations to pay post-confirmation tax refunds or bonuses or to provide documents.

Mortgage Billing Statements for Debtors in Bankruptcy – What Attorneys in the EDKY Need to Know

Mortgage servicers are now required to provide monthly billing statements to debtors in bankruptcy, with limited exceptions. Debtors’ attorneys and creditors’ attorneys in the EDKY need to know about this important amendment to RESPA and TILA, which became effective on April 19, 2018. This post gives a very oversimplified summary of the rule, with a link to a more detailed article and sample billing statements.