Local Rules and Forms: Full Attorney Signature Block Required on All Pleadings and Forms

In the Eastern District of Kentucky, an attorney’s /s/ electronic signature on a document filed via ECF must also list all relevant contact information for the attorney including address, phone number and email, and identify the attorney’s role.

Several Local Forms (e.g., the Chapter 13 Plan, Certification Regarding Rights and Responsibilities, and Motion to Incur Debt) had space only for the attorney’s /s/ signature, followed by “Attorney for Debtor(s).”

On February 12, 2020, the Court announced that its Local Forms had been updated to provide more prominent signature boxes consistent with the signature requirement in the Court’s Administrative Procedures Manual (APM).  The Court is now issuing deficiency notices for any Chapter 13 Plans, Certifications Regarding Rights and Responsibilities, and other documents that do not contain the attorney’s full signature block with contact information.

I have updated our Word versions of the Local Forms as well as the all of the “Quick Fix” Plan Amendment forms (described in this post) and Agreed Probation Orders that are commonly used by practitioners in the EDKY.  Please go to my regular website at www.ch13edky.com and click on Forms to find all forms that have been revised as of 02-2020.  Download those forms and delete the old ones.  Let your software providers know about the form changes.

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