Update on Zoom 341’s; Tax Returns Not Filed; Mortgage Forbearance Agreements in Chapter 13

This post provides an update on Zoom 341’s and the procedure for emailing Zoom info to debtors’ attorneys; describes a new process for submitting proof that debtors have filed all required tax returns; and gives a short mention of modifying the plan to deal with mortgage payments that are suspended under a forbearance agreement.

Lessons Learned the Hard Way

When debtors cannot comply with terms of a confirmed plan due to unexpected circumstances, the noncompliance cannot always be fixed by modifying the plan or seeking court approval after the fact. This post is about two cases that were dismissed for reasons you might find surprising (but shouldn’t).

“I’ve Changed My Mind – I Want to Surrender My House”: What Effect Does Post-Confirmation Surrender Have on the Debtor’s Discharge?

If a confirmed plan provides that the debtors will cure arrearages through the plan and maintain ongoing payments on a mortgage or long-term car loan, and the debtors complete plan payments and get a discharge, those section 1322(b)(5) debts are not discharged. What happens if after confirmation the debtors change their mind – is the claim still excepted from discharge?