EDKY Chapter 13 Plan and Other Forms Now Available in MS Word

You can download a Word version of the new chapter 13 plan, Local Form 3015-1(a), here.  You should be able to enter text, add rows to tables, delete unneeded rows, delete text and tables in sections where you check “None,” and check boxes with a click.  The check boxes may not work with Word 2007 and earlier.

PROOFREAD CAREFULLY before you file a plan based on this Word form.

You can also download a Word version of Local Form 3015-4(b), Order for Adequate Protection.  Adequate protection payments are no longer set out in the plan.  Instead,  tender this order at the same time you file plan.

Creditors’ attorneys, if the debtor fails to provide adequate protection payments to your client, you may file a motion to request adequate protection, tender an order similar to Local Form 3015-4(b), and ask that it be entered immediately.  A sample motion and order for use by creditors’ attorneys are available in Word.

These forms work better if you save them initially as templates (.dot or .dotx files) on your computer.  Then double-click on the template and it opens up as a separate document so you always start with a clean document.

To get rid of the “click or tap here to enter text” instruction, double-click on it and hit delete.

I will let you know as we make other forms available.


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